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puzzle Welcome to Selectronics. We create devices to do jobs better, faster, cheaper, and safer. We custom design products at the request of our customers, as well as develop ideas that are products of our own ingenuity. We build products and systems for industrial, commercial, and private applications. We develop procedures, hardware, and software in virtually any field where electronics has the answer. We Invent!

Here at Selectronics...

We CREATE new designs for your unique applications.
We MODIFY your existing designs with tangible benfits.
We MANUFACTURE electronic products and systems to your specifications.
We TROUBLE-SHOOT your technical problems quickly.
We PROVIDE technical expertise to consult, audit, and advise.
We PRODUCE our own line of unique electronic products.
We INSTALL a multitude of electronic systems.

Featured Products

DCD-1: Dancer Control Drive

If failure is not an option, take a look at our non-contact-sensing Dancer Control Drive.
MAS: Magnetic Angle Sensor

The MAS is an angular position sensor with extreme accuracy.

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